For rules on your IMCA racing division please go to it is your responsibility as a driver to make sure your car is legal and will pass tech. 

Drivers Meeting @ 4:50pm

Hot laps to follow 

Kart racing to start @ 4:15pm

Karting drivers meeting @ 4:00pm

Track Rules 

Starting opening night, track rules are as followed;

  1.  One caution and done in the heat race.
  2. Involved in two cautions in the feature/semi and you are done for that race.
  3. COME TO A STOP ON THE TRACK AND YOU GO TO THE BACK YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH THE CAUTION. (Exceptions - pointing out debris, being asked to stop by an official.)
  4. Rough driving calls will result in you being sent to the back.
  5. Retaliation - done for the night, no pay.  
  6. ​No fighting at the speedway you/ your driver will be done for the night. No pay and a two week suspension. 

Karting Rules can be found on the "Forms" page